Declutter Toys For Good With A "Toy Buyback"!

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It's been a year since we moved into our slightly-larger home with a basement. The basement made a world of difference for us. But... the kids still have toys. A lot. That they don't want to put away. Ever. So, it became apparent to me that fewer toys will greatly benefit them by allowing them to find the toys they love quicker while also being less messy, because fewer toys means less for them to clean up.

The husband and I had been brainstorming way to motivate them to get rid of their toys. The hubby insisted that selling them for money is the way to go. Ideally, something like a garage sale, where they can see the toy go, and instantly have the money in their hands. As much as I liked the garage sale idea, we didn't have enough time to get everything ready in time for our neighborhood's garage sale. So, I thought, why don't we just buy their toys back, give them money right away to use for a new toy, and then I can sell their toys one-by-one on Facebook Garage Sale Pages, Ebay, etc., and make the money back? In that instant, the great toy buyback was born.

First, the kids had an idea of a BIG toy they each waned. For ours, it was Legos and a bike. Keeping that goal in mind, they went through their toys, and instead of trying to hold onto them, they were actually thrilled that they could get rid of them for something they would love even more.

For our toy buyback, we actually accepted three kinds of things:
1. Toys - no toys were saved in case a younger sibbling wanted them. Between birthdays and holidays, the kids have a constant stream of incoming toys.
2. Books - we live 3 minutes from the library, so we really have no need to keep a huge amount of books. If the kids don't like a book, we don't read it anyways, making it double un-necessary to hang onto unloved books.
3. Clothes - this didn't happen this time around, but my kids were given the option to get rid of unloved clothes as well. I wouldn't let them get rid of EVERYTHING, but they both certainly have enough clothes to let some go, if they wanted to.

Once the kids had collected everything they wanted to sell, I looked through everything and gave each item an estimated resale value. Some things had no resale value, but I didn't tell them this... I was just glad to see them "selling" off so many of their old toys.

At the end, they were each given a dollar amount, and we went to Toys R Us so they could get something new with the money that had earned.

Now, it's up to me to sell what I can for as much as possible. If I'm able to sell their toys for more, that money will also go back to them.

What do you think of a toy back? How do you get rid of excess toys? Leave a comment below. 
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