The Journal Project {Book Review}

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A few of my journals. including  The Happiness Project & my hardcover Poppin notebooks.  
Thanks to author Susan Lerner for providing me with a complimentary copy of The Journal Project to review.

"The job of living is the accumulation of memories.
 Carson from Downtown Abbey

I've been a blogger for about 7 years now. Stories of my children were regular posts, as I wanted to save these memories for my children as well as share them with friends and family. Up until about a year ago, I was fine with just blogging, but then it hit me. With how fast technology was evolving, what are the chances my blog will be around in 20 years for my kids to look back on? It because increasingly apparent that I needed a more permanent was to preserve these memories for myself and my children.

In my heart, I knew a journal for each of the kids was the way to go. A year later, I read The Journal Project: Capturing the magic of family life through stories nails all of the reasons to write journals for your children, or anyone in your life, including yourself! I highly recommend this book to parents with children of all ages. At just $5, it's an amazing deal, and will give you the motivation you need to make journaling part of your life.

This wonderfully simple book is just 32 pages long, and includes:

  • Benefits of journaling
  • Seeing through the eyes of the writer
  • Strengthening family bonds through stories
  • The writing process
  • Where to keep a journal
  • Starting late
  • Journal clubs ... and more! 
Have you been thinking about journaling, but need a kick in the pants to get started?  Obsessed with posting to Facebook, but want something more to pass on memories? Love snapping pics of everything, but frustrated when they get lost in the clutter of a million other photos? This book is for you!   

"You are a storyteller. We are all storytellers. Give your family the gift of your stories."
Susan Lerner, The Journaling Project 

Do you journal? Why or why not? Leave a comment below. :)
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