This 100% Germ-Destroying Cleaner is Only $0.97 And Already In Your Cabinet!

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About a year ago, I started selling essential oils, and really wanted to know once and for all if they "work". My search brought me to where I found a scientist with Ph.D. in biochemistry testing out cleaning products in her home. The results are amazing, and I spent hours reading through her tests and results. I'll sum up the results for you. Nothing works better than bleach or hydrogen peroxide, which both kill germs at 100%.
  • a surface cleaned with hydrogen peroxide is safe to eat off off, there's no need to rinse it off, as it can be used as a mouth rinse
  • is cheap at less than $1 a bottle
  • kills germs on contact, no need to wait
  • doesn't leave you stinky and in need of a shower after cleaning like bleach does
  • doesn't leave harsh residue in bathtubs the way bleach does 
  • because it's easy to use, you're more likely to use it than the alternatives
Ultimately, out scientist, who tested EVERYTHING, uses hydrogen peroxide (AKA H2O2)as an all-purpose cleaner in her home, so that's good enough to me. Below are the results of one of the many tests she's done where hydrogen peroxide came out on top. Zylast hand sanitizer also did great if you're looking for a hand sanitizer. 

Also, for those essential oil lovers, it's perfectly safe to add oils to hydrogen peroxide without a negative effect on it's ability to clean.

The best and easiest way to clean with hydrogen peroxide is to simply spray and wipe. There's no need to let it set... it works instantly. And, there's no need to wash it off after, as it's already "safe". Using paper towels will be the most sanitary, but using towels and washing in hot water or boiling them for 10 minutes will also do a good job of getting rid of germs.

You can purchase hydrogen peroxide in spray bottles from Amazon at It's important to keep it in a dark bottle because it's unstable, and changes when exposed to light.  

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