Diva Cup Review

Monday, February 06, 2017 0 Comments A+ a-

I wanted to like the Diva Cup, I really did. In fact, it makes me cringe to write this review, as I don't feel comfortable giving a product a negative review, and would prefer just to say nothing at all. However, as a blogger with Tomoson, I'm currently receiving a negative rating on my profile for never having completed this review. So, in order to have that negative mark removed from my profile, I need to write this review.

For those of you don't know what a Diva Cup is, allow me to explain. It's a silicone cup you insert into your vagina to catch your monthly flow... free of pads, tampons, or anything else. 

First, let me say that I LOVE the idea of this product. I love that it's reusable. I love that I'm not walking around with an uncomfortable pad all day long. I love that it stays in for 12 hours, allowing me to practically forget about my period!

But, there's one thing I didn't love, and that made it a deal-breaker for me. It's uncomfortable. I tried the different folds. I watched the "how to" videos. I tried for months, and ultimately came to the decision that it just wasn't for me.

Thanks for stopping by. Have you ever tried a menstrual cup like the Diva Cup? What did you think? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one.

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