Tips For Selling Children's Old Toys & Clothes

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This January, I set a goal for myself to sell enough "stuff" that I don't love to take my family on a vacation as a part of Gary Vaynerchuk's #2017FlipChallenge.

As February rolls to a close, I've certainly learned a bit that I'd like to pass along to anyone else who is interested in selling the junk around their home for money.

  • eBay is a good place to sell unique, old, and used items. I've sold an stuffed animals (one for a $60 profit!) and leather gloves on eBay this year. 
  • As a new seller, you can list 30 items a month for free. Do this. The more you list, the more you can sell.  
  • To figure out how much an item is worth, search for Sold Listings. Base your price off of what the item has actually sold for. 

  • Amazon is a great place to sell books and newer items.
  • Ship books via Media Mail - the cheapest way to ship anything.
  • If a buyer pays $3.95 + shipping for a book, you'll get around $2 after fees.
  • If a buyer pays $13.99 + shipping, you'll get around $10.84 after fees.
  • As a rule of thumb, I list things $5+ on Amazon.
  • I've sold books and diaper rash cream on Amazon. 
  • To make a sale on Amazon, you need to have the best price. Be sure you use the "match the lowest price" feature when you list an item.

Facebook Groups
  • Get in as many local Facebook sell groups as you can so more eyes can see your items for sale. They're often called "Garage Sale" groups. When you post an item, there's an option to "Post to more groups" do this to easily let your listing reach more people. 
  • If you decided to lower the price for an item on Facebook, create a new posting with the newer price. It's much faster than individually modifying the price on all of the group pages. 
  • Some pages have so many postings, your post goes to the bottom within a day. Comment "Still available" on your post after 1-2 weeks to bring it back to the top of the page, while not annoying people too much. This allows more people who may be interested in your item to see your post.
  • I've sold a snowboard, children's clothes, toys, framed artwork, a pregnancy test kit, and baby items on Facebook groups.
  • Sell here to avoid fees that you'll have to pay selling on eBay and Amazon. 
And... if an item won't sell, lower the price! You'll find somebody will almost always buy if the price is low enough. Even $1 is better than $0. Every penny counts, and those low sales add up quickly.

I'm looking forward to sharing my journey of decluttering, minimalizing, and making money with you here on the blog as well as on Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by. Do you have any advice for selling things online? Leave a comment below. As always, I read and respond to each and every one.  
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