Dog Foods For Brewers Rice or Brewers Yeast Allergy

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I recently found out my dog likely has a brewers allergy. In my dog, it caused his hair to fall out in patches, leaving bald spots on his sides.

Finding a list of safe foods has been difficult, so I compiled a list of foods to avoid. I wanted to share it here for anyone else who has a bog with a brewers allergy, including brewers rice and brewers dried yeast.

AVOID: Dog Foods WITH Brewers Rice or Brewers Yeast
  • Black Gold Premium Blends Dog Food (Dry)
  • Black Gold Signature Series (Dry)
  • Bob Timberlake Signature Series Dog Food (Dry)
  • BOGO Bowl Dog Food (Dry)
  • Canyon Creek Ranch Dog Food (Dry)
  • Country Vet Naturals Dog Food (Dry)
  • Drs. Foster and Smith Signature Series (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Boxer (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Breed Specific Formulas (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Custom Care (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Dog Food (Canned)
  • Eukanuba Excel Dog Food (Dry)
  • Eukanuba German Shepherd (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Labrador Retriever (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Life Stages Dog Food (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Natural (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Naturally Wild (Dry)
  • Eukanuba Premium Performance (Dry)
  • Exclusive Dog Food (Dry)
  • Farmina N&D Grain Free Dog Food (Dry)
  • Hubbard Life Dog Food (Dry)
  • Iams Naturistics (Dry)
  • Iams Sensitive Naturals (Dry)
  • Iams Simple and Natural (Dry)
  • Iams Veterinary Formulas Intestinal Plus (Dry)
  • Ivet Healthy Gourmet Dog Food (Dry)
  • Love Grub Dog Food (Dry)
  • Loyall Dog Food (Dry)
  • Luvsome Dog Food (Dry)
  • Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health (Dry)
  • Nutri Life Dog Food (Dry)
  • Nutro Kitchen Classics (Canned)
  • Nutro Max (Canned)
  • Nutro Rotations (Dry)
  • Ol’ Roy Skin and Coat (Dry)
  • Pro-Pet Dog Food (Dry)
  • ProSeries Dog Food (Dry)
  • Purina Healthy Morsels (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Natural (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Select (Dry)
  • Purina Pro Plan Sport (Dry)
  • Red Flannel Dog Food (Dry)
  • Redpaw PowerEdge Dog Food (Dry)
  • Royal Canin Mini (Dry)
  • Royal Canin Mini Adult (Dry)
  • Southern States Advanced (Dry)
  • Sportsman’s Pride (Dry)
  • Taste of the Wild (Dry)
  • Tuffy’s Gold Dog Food (Dry)
If your dog is showing signs of an allergy while eating the foods on this list, I'd guess your dog may very likely have a brewers allergy as well.

So far, I've found one food my dog doesn't have a reaction to. I'm planning on adding to this list as I discover more foods that are safe for him

SAFE: Dog Foods WITHOUT Brewers Rice or Brewers Yeast
Have you found any brewers-free dog food? Leave a comment below. I'll keep this page updated with as much info as possible. ;)
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