RΕ: Yοur Premіum Subscrіptіοns Cοnfіrmatіοn [ Securіty Cοde #965419 ] SCAM

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I recently received the following email claiming to be from "Apple". I had recently a free trial of the service they're mentioning in the email, but I thought I had cancelled it before the free trial was finished.
RΕ: Yοur Premіum Subscrіptіοns Cοnfіrmatіοn [ Securіty Cοde #965419 ]

Dear lisabrown5678@yahoo.com,
This email cοnfіrms yοur οrder of the fοllοwіng subscrіptіοns wіth a free trial of 3 months.
You won't be charged during yοur free trial, and you can cancel anytime. When yοur 3 month subscrіptіοn automatically renews on March 27, 2018 you wіll be charged $19.99 for the period.
SubscrіptіοnApple Music Membership
Content ProviderApple Product
Date of PurchaseMarch 27, 2018
Subscrіptіοn Period3 month
Length of Trial5 month
Renewal Price$19,99 USD
Yοur subscrіptіοns wіll renew automatically, and you might be charged 24 hours before each subscription period starts. You'll be notified of any price increases. If you don't want it to renew, cancel or change the subscription.
To cancel yοur subscrіptіοn, go to Cancel and Manage Subscrіptіοns. (I have removed the actual link to the phishing site.)

Apple Support


  1. My first reaction was to check the sender. It was from "АppleID", but inspecting the link, I saw that it was actually send from the much more awkward and spam-like  АppleID (no-reply-68c694de94e6c110f42e587e8e48d852@apple.com)
  2. Next, I checked the links, without clicking them, in the email. The only working URL would have taken me to a spammy "hyper.url" website, not apple itself.
  3. Also, the blue links at the bottom of the email weren't actual links, but rather blue text made to look like links.
  4. The price. At the top it says $19.99 USD. Further down, it says $19,00 USD. US dollars don't use a comma in currency. It's highly unlikely Apple would make such an error.
  5. I checked my previous emails from Apple, as I have purchased from them before. This is what they look like:

If you ever get a tricky email for a service you didn't subscribe to, don't click on the links in the email. Always log into your account, and take care of the situation from there. 

Please share this. For the untrained eye, this looks like a VERY legit email, and would allow the person to easily access to your account, and who knows what could happen from there. 

Thanks for reading. Let me know what did you think & leave a comment below! :)

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