Twice Exceptional Or Just Gifted? The Struggle To Find Out.

I always question how much of my life I want to share on my blog. A few exciting things have been happening in my life, and I've kept quiet about it. And many things I will continue to keep quiet about. But, since I've shared a lot of my homeschooling journey here on the blog, it felt natural to share this as well.

A few months ago, I had my seven-year-old son tested for being gifted. Even though the teachers and everyone else told me he was not gifted, his ridiculously-high math score on a standardized test gave me reason to believe otherwise, and pursued the gifted testing.

As it turns out, he is gifted in math, and a few points shy of being gifted in cognitive (IQ). One of the things the gifted test pointed out for us was that in reading comprehension, he was performing slightly lower than average... certainly not what we would expect, given his high IQ.

So, I did a lot of research and a lot of talking with people who delt with children who were gifted, and I came to the conclusion that it was possible that my son is "twice exceptional". This means that in addition to being gifted, he also may have a learning disability.

Being twice exceptional is incredibly rare, but that doesn't mean it's not possible. Initially when I went to the schools and teachers to ask him if he indeed had a learning disability, I was told he did not. But, then again, the teachers and school also didn't suspect he was gifted. They also didn't suspect he had to speech problems. And they were wrong for both of those. Not blaming, but just pointing out that what they say isn't always true. To know, I needed to go to professionals in those specific areas.

So, I proceeded to request that my son be tested for a learning disability. But, because he was doing well in school, my request was initially denied. I was then forced to proceed with requesting a due process hearing with the school to have the decision to evaluate my son for a learning disability reconsidered. Well, I'm happy to say that without actually proceeding to an official hearing with the lawyers and all that sort of thing, everything was able to be resolved, so that my son was able to get a complete multi-factored evaluation to see if he has a learning disability.

I am so ridiculously excited for this. You see, my son tends to be a lot like my husband. And I think my husband also may have been twice exceptional, but just never diagnosed. At school, instead of being seen as a bright individual with a learning disability, he was simply labeled as stupid. (Yes, I know it sounds harsh, but based on what he tell me, this is 100% true.) Hearing my husband talk about school breaks my heart, and it has given me the drive to advocate for my son and do whatever it takes to give him the best education possible.

I feel fortunate to be raising a family in 2016, where so many resources are available to parents. I'm very excited to know my son is gifted. I'm hoping that being able to identify and work with a possible disability will give my son the advantage in life that his father didn't have.

PS - We have chose to not tell out son he's gifted... we have simply explained that everyone works at their own level, and it's our job as parents to make sure he's learning at his level. So, please don't high-five him next time you see him for being smart. He didn't choose to be gifted. He didn't work his ass off to be good at math. He just is. ;)

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Social Media Breakdown

It's hard to believe I've been blogging since 2009... back when I had just had a baby, and was looking to win a contest for Cetaphil. You've seen me through my 7-year-old's life, my 4-year-old's life, and now Baby B's. I'll admit I share much less about my children that I used to. A lot of this is to give them privacy. And, it's hard. As a parent, you want to share, but it's also important to respect other people's right to privacy.

Seven years ago, blogging was a very cool, up-and-coming thing. Now, blogs are cool, but with social media, blogs aren't the only place people go online. And, that has changed how and where I blog. I'm no longer a blogger, but a social media influencer. Here's a breakdown of the social media platforms I'm currently engaging on, and the type of content I post on each.

With Facebook, it's super-easy for people to click "unfollow" at the drop of a hat, so it's super-important for me to post only things I think my Facebook audience will engage with. I try to post just once a week, usually on Friday or Saturday morning... the times when my posts tend to perform the best according to my Facebook Insights. And, my content directly reflects what performs well on my page. Follow me on Facebook here.

Typical posts:
  • My hubby's a great dad because...
  • Fitness selfies... after having three kids, I'm working hard to look and feel amazing.
People go to Instagram for very different reasons than Facebook. They want to be inspired or look at pretty things. Again, I use my analytics to guide what I post. I post roughly once every 3 days. Follow me on Instagram here.

Typical posts:
  • Healthy vegetarian meals
  • Fitness progress & inspiration
Snapchat is private - you can share with just a few people very easily. It's also disposable - photos & videos aren't saved to your phone, they're viewed and then automatically deleted. Because of this, Snapchat is currently the only place I share pics of my kids & what we're up to. 

Typical posts:
  • Silly filter faces
  • Kids playing, baby sleeping, etc.
Snapchat is only available as an app on a phone/tablet/ipod (not computer), and it's a little hard to understand at first. Here's a video I created to walk newbies through Snapchat. Add me on Snapchat here.

I'm currently focusing on posting product reviews to YouTube. My goal is to monetize my YouTube channel not through YouTube, but by linking to products I review with an Amazon Affiliate link to the product. Follow me on YouTube here.

Typical videos:
  • Hair color reviews
  • All product reviews
A few of my style-related pins have gone viral on Pinterest... one of which has 27,400 repins! So, I try to give my Pintreest audience more of what they like... hair, style, and hairstyle. ;)  Follow me on Pinterest at

Typical videos:
  • Hairstyles, usually short
  • Outfit ideas
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Printable Beware Of Pit Bull Sign

I love our neighborhood, but there was recently a sad reminder of how close we can be to danger. We don't even live in a bad neighborhood. We live in a nice one, and I think that's part of the problem.

So, due to this unfortunate activity in our neighborhood, I've decided we need to step up our security a bit. As we decide which security system will best fit our needs, I've decided to make the most of our current security system... a pit bull.

When I looked online for a sign fitting my needs, I didn't find any, so I quickly created my own. And, I figured what the heck. Might as well put it on the blog for anyone else who is looking for the same thing.

Download and print your Beware Of Pitt Bull Sign today.

I hope you enjoy this downloadable, printable Beware Of Pit Bull Sign. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Pinterest, and all of your social media sites.

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