The Trump Posts {The Complete Collection}

I never intended my thought about Donald Trump to consume my blog. So, I'll be deleting my former Trump posts and keeping them all here. Just one post.

Where I'm Moving If Trump Wins     10/10/16

I normally keep my political opinions to myself... but this year, I must say. What. The. Shit.

I believe America can't stay in the top forever. Every great power in the history of the world has fallen. I believe that having a dumpster fire like Donald Trump as president would put our country on the fast track to becoming a former superpower. Sure, in an ideal world, I would vote for Bernie Sanders.  In today's world, I'll be voting "Not Trump." Honestly, I'm embarrassed for our entire country this this charade has lasted so long.

If Trump were to become President, I honesty, truly fear for the safety of my loved ones. I think Trump stands for everything that is wrong with America. Having Donald Trump as president will put a massive target on our country, and fear of him bringing war to our homeland. I don't want to be a part of the not-so-futuritic dystopia that would be America under his leadership.

My Move? Switzerland
Number 1 on my list is Switzerland. Honestly, whenever I look at countries that are at the top for American expatriates to move to, Switzerland is always at the top. I love the beautiful scenery. I also love how there is limited processed food, and the food that is there tends to be healthier than what you'd find in America. I think it would be a great place to raise a family as well, giving my entire family a wonderful, educational life experience together.

Now it's your turn. Where would like to move to if your candidate doesn't win? Leave a comment below. :)

Trump Won. Now What?     11/4/16

This is merely a post to look back on so I can say I told you so. 

Trump won. Now what?

I'm writing this on Nov 4, 2016, 4 days before the US election that will forever change our country. Four days before our country elects Donald Trump for President.

How did we get here? Well, we started by nominating a famous person to run for the highest office in our country. Historically, famous people have always done fairly well in politics. They get an insane boost simply from name recognition. Begin known is huge when it comes to winning elections. Just look at Ronald Reagan, Al Franken, Jesse Ventura, Clint Eastwood, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Once you're famous, you need to pick which "issues" will get you the votes you need to win. You're best to pick the "ride or die" issues that certain groups will do anything for.

☑️ Get the rural, south, west, white Protestant, Republican, male, and "some college",  vote by protecting the right to own guns. Bonus points for threatening the opponent will "take away yer guns".

☑️ Get the religious vote by promising to make abortion illegal.

☑️ Get the upper 1% vote by cutting taxes for the rich.

Overly simple? You bet. That's it. And, now here we are. President Trump.

So, Trump won. Now what?
First, the stock market is going to tank. Like, today. I think that even before he is elected, the mere thought of President Trump on November 4 is going to be the beginning of a crash like we haven't seen since 2008. It'll start 4 days before he is elected, and will last through 2017, possibly longer. Heck, Why not throw some numbers out there... I'll say by the end of 2017, we'll see the DOW drop below 7,000.

Well, I'm guessing it's going to take quite some time for President Trump to learn the ropes of his new career. I say we have until August 2017 before much of anything really happens. So, it back and enjoy what we had with Obama. Things are going to get bad. Oh, and for those of you looking to take a 4-year vacation before things get bad, start planning. Americans will start planning to embrace the expatriate life and fleeing to wherever they can... Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand, Germany, and Japan will be the new hot-spots for formerly proud Americans.

I'm guessing 2018 is the year things will turn to shit for the Americans who have decided to stay put and ride this one out. This is when Trump will really get on his power trip. This is when he'll make sure to overturn Roe vs Wade. This is when he'll raise taxes on middle class, and cut them drastically for the 1% of Americans who earn $350,000+ a year. This is when we'll see job leaving quickly, and not coming back. This is when we'll start to see America fall apart. Think Detroit... just everywhere.

In 2019, shit is going to hit the fan. This is the year we'll bring war to American soil. How? Either by other countries attacking us or through a civil war. The red states vs the blue states. It will be eerily similar to the dystopian futures we've only read about in books or seen in movies.

Oddly enough, in 2020, Americans will figure that perhaps maybe going from celebrity to politician isn't a bad thing. We just need to pick the right one this time. Celebrities, are, in fact, real people, and give the people a voice that might not be found from career politicians. In fact, I think many people would say that these celebrities have done fairly well in politics.  I'm anxiously awaiting the time I can vote for President The Rock in 2020. Oh, and I'm not even kidding. Shit, what I wouldn't do to be able to vote for Dwayne Johnson in 4 days.

Am I wrong about this whole crazy thing? What do you see happening in the next 4 years? Leave your predictions below. Thanks!

Yes, I posted my political opinion. No, I'm not sorry.     11/7/16

The other day, I did something unthinkable on my blog. I posted my prediction about the next 4 years will be like. In short, I think Trump will be elected president, and things are going to turn to shit in America. That's my thoughts. You see, here in Ohio, there are a lot of vocal Trump supporters. I'm pretty certain that Ohio will vote for Trump, and that the election will ultimately go to him as well. And, I want proof to look back on to show these people what I see happening. I want them to see what I see right now. I want them to see the dumpster fire that is choosing a reality television star to become the president of a great nation.

Some people expressed to me how they feel the same way. And, of course, some people weren't fans. In fact, a few people took to my Facebook page for daring to have an opinion on something important.

This is clearly a topic that is near and dear to many Americans. However, despite being an incredible important election, somehow I'm supposed to pretend it's not happening. I'm supposed to join America in sticking our heads in the sand... plugging me ears and say "La-la-la-la-la!" until something happens. But, I refuse. This shit has gone too far for me to let it slide by. I have a voice, and I'm using it.

It's also interesting how people took my prediction as being pro-Hillary, even though I never mentioned her name. 

I'll be honest, my post about America turning to shit after Trump is elected is no joke. I am planning on doing whatever it takes to keep my family safe during his presidency, and hope that one day, America will be as great as it is today... the day before we elect President Trump. 

Am I wrong about this whole crazy thing? What do you see happening in the next 4 years? Leave your predictions below. Thanks!

Trump Memes     11/9/16

Well, I can't pretend I'm on board with this. But, as I predicted, Trump won. I've created a few images
to express my current feelings about what has just happened. Enjoy these haphazard Trump memes. I'm sure I'll be adding to the collection quite a bit over the next 4 years.

Am I wrong about this whole crazy thing? What do you see happening in the next 4 years? Leave your predictions below. Thanks!

Three Reasons I'm Hopeful For A Donald Trump Presidency     11/19/16

A week after the United States elected Donald Trump as our next President, I'm currently feeling hopeful. Right now, I'm just trying to look on the bright side.

3 Reasons I'm Hopeful For President Trump
  1. Trump has rapidly changing political positions. He has held every view possible on nearly every topic possible... and this isn't good, it's great! I'm hopeful that this will give the people a chance to speak, and Trump a chance to listen to what the people want.
  2. When Trump went to visit the White House for the first time since becoming President-Elect, he was reportedly "surprised by the scope" of Presidential duties. You see, as somebody with literally zero political experience, he has no idea what he's doing. And, even more, he doesn't know what he doesn't know. I think being president will be much harder than it looked for Trump. I'm betting that he will get little accomplished, and that our country will stay realtively the same for the next 4 years.
  3. Honestly, I think Trump has pandered to and played is voters for fools. And, they bought it. He is not a Christian Conservative. I'd be surprised if he has even went to church once in the past year. I think he whispered what conservatives wanted so desperately to hear... and they were willing to put aside reason, and just put "faith" in him. Well, I think their faith has been horribly misplaced, and I think they will find that out when all of the sweet promises he made never happen... and when they realize they were just used for a vote, and then tossed aside. And, while this is horrible news for his supporters, it's great news for his non-supporters, because all of the things he said to intice the Christian Conservative crowd aren't really going to happen.

    Don't believe me? Here's 5 major issues he campaigned that he's already backpedaling on.

    1. Repeal and replace Obamacare - But after his meeting with President Obama Thursday, Trump said he would consider alternatives to an all-out appeal. “I told him I will look at his suggestions, and out of respect, I will do that,” Trump told the Wall St. Journal.
    “Either Obamacare will be amended, or repealed and replaced,” he added.
    2. Build a big, beautiful wall—and make Mexico pay - Newt Gingrich—who’s reportedly being considered for Trump’s Secretary of State—admitted the president-elect’s promise to get Mexico to pay for it may have been a “campaign device.” “He may not spend much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it,” Gingrich said. “But it was a great campaign device.”

    3. End the "War On Coal" - But now it looks like Republican party leaders recognize that bringing coal jobs back is not so simple. Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Friday told the Lexington Herald-Leader it’s “hard to tell” if the government will be able to expand the coal industry in a meaningful way.

    4. Deport illegal immigrants through mass deportations - Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus Wednesday said Trump is no longer calling for “mass deportation,” and is instead calling for the deportation of criminals. “He’s not calling for mass deportation,” Priebus said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “He said, ‘No, only people who have committed crimes.’ And then only until all of that is taken care of will we look at what we are going to do next.”

    5. The Iran peace treaty will be gone - “Appearing to walk back statements made by president-elect and other advisers,” senior Trump adviser Walid Phares claims that the treaty will instead be “renegotiated.” 

No Longer Hopeful For A Donald Trump Presidency     11/21/16

As quickly as my hope had arrived, it has left. Recently, the cast of Hamilton had addressed VP Pence with a few of their concerns regarding President Elect Trump. The video is below. The concerns were addressed very respectfully.  

How does President-Elect Trump respond? Does he take advantage of this, and let the country know that he understands their concerns, and that he will be a president for all Americans?

Of course he doesn't. He goes on a sad Twitter rant.

He's gotta learn to let the little stuff go. How can he possibly be capable of running an entire country when he looses his shit over somebody addressing his VP?

Not only that, but he proved how little he knows about American politics... yet again while attacking SNL.

Alec Baldwin fires back with the prefect tweets.

That's right, Trump has no idea that now that the election is over, campaign equal coverage rules no longer apply. I'm just shaking my head... yet again. This guy has no clue what he's doing... no clue. And yet, he's going to be our President. I'm beyond embarrassed. In fact, right now, I'm just plain ashamed. SMH ya'll. SMH. 

What are your thoughts about President Trump? What do you see happening in the next 4 years? Leave your predictions below. Thanks!

The Adult Cake Smash... You've Got To Be Kidding Me

It takes quite a bit to shock me, but this new trend certainly takes the cake. It's the adult cake smash. 😲 That's right, full grown adult Kristi decided to celebrate her 31st birthday with her very own cake smash photo shoot. Because what better way to celebrate how great you are than to set up your very own photo shoot, celebrating your greatness.

I'd love to think that this was perhaps a statement that as a single, career-focused woman, maybe we "worship" kids too much. Maybe after scrolling through countless cake smash photos on her Facebook page, that one day, she finally had enough. And then, I saw this.

That's right. Kristi loves being a mommy. 

It appears we're reached a new peak in narcissism. My heart genuinely goes out to her actual children. And family... none of whom, I suppose, had the guts to tell her what a horrible idea this was. 

Am I wrong about this whole crazy thing? Feel free to leave a comment below. Thanks!

How To Give Your Kids The Best Christmas Ever

I'm pretty sure this is going to be the best Christmas ever for my kids. I've been watching, and adjusting my game plan the last few years, and this year I think I finally have a plan that is going to be amazing.

And, sure you can spend time feeding the homeless, do more as a family... yada, yada, yada. Those things are all awesome, and you're an awesome parent for doing that. This is strictly how I'm planning on making the gift-opening portion of Christmas the best ever.

1. No kid-curated wish lists
First and foremost, we're skipping the kid-written "wish list". They key to happiness is to focus on what you do have, not what you don't have. That's right. Hide those toy magazines the minute you see them in the mail. From now on, those aren't for the kids. They're for you. Look through them. Circle what you think your child will like. When you ask a child to create a wish list from a massive magazine full of toys, you're asking them to spend their time thinking about things they want that they don't have. happiness doesn't lie in accumulating material possessions, it lies in being thankful for everything you already have.

I remember one time my husband asked me for a wish list. I didn't know of anything I wanted at the time, so I spend a good chunk of time figuring out something I wanted. I created a nice list, just like he asked. In fact, I actually started wanting some of the things on my list. I eagerly awaited the day, curious as to which one of these things on the list he will have decided to get me. So, when the special day came around, you can imagine my... uh... surprise when he didn't get me something on my list. In fact, he never even intended to get me something on my list. 😲 He said it was just a trick, so I would be surprised with the actual gift. I went from literally wanting nothing, to wanting a handful of things, to disappointment I didn't get what I had wanted.

The thing that really upset me was that I was disappointed. The mere act of creating a wish list that was ignored upset me. It was a super-busy time in my life, and there were a million other things I could have been doing, and I remember that the most.

I tell you this story to illustrate how creating wants where none had previously existed can quickly turn to unnecessary disappointment. Now, as a parent, I'm trying to  be careful not to do this to my own children. First and foremost, I don't show them toy catalogs.

2. Pay attention
Without wish lists to guide me, I simply pay attention to decide what gifts are right for my children. Around October, I start a list of things my kids say they like. I keep my list in Evernote, and keep a separate list for each one of the kids, but do whatever works for you.

3. Photograph in-store ideas
Sometimes when we're out, the kids will find something they want in the store. My go-to reply is that we'll take a picture of it, and ask for it for Christmas. Somehow, the mere act of me taking a photo of a toy for them gives them some strange sort of fulfillment. This picture then goes in the Evernote for that child. This allows me to quickly recall of of those "ooh, I'd love this" moments that happen when we're out and about.

4. Reframe the "What do you want for Christmas?" question
We're bothered that our kids are obsessed with presents, but we're often the ones creating the obsession. They're constantly being asked "What do you want for Christmas?" giving them a lot of opportunities to think about the answer. Parents ask them. Every single family member they see asks them. Every stranger they see on the street asks them. Like, no joke. They get asked this question 100 times between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As a parent, you need to know what they asked Santa for. Besides that, just pay attention. You'll see what they want. You don't need to ask them. Encourage family members to ask you directly. Not only can you keep a running list of your child's wants, you can keep track of the ones that are being taken care of to avoid doubles.

Often, I think adults ask "What do you want for Christmas?" because they don't know what else to ask kids. Well, here's a simple twist on that question. Instead of asking them what they want, ask them what they want to give this year. You'll likely get a more excited response, as they may very likely play an active role in giving someone special to them a gift. And, this obviously shifts the conversation from one of materialism to one of generosity.

I know, it seems simple, but I'm really hopeful that we're going to have a great Christmas this year by having kids focusing less on lists and lists of what they want, and instead, just listening a little bit more.

Do you have any tips to add to this list? Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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