Fostering Happiness In Children

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Meeting The Emotional Needs Of Your Children
My older son is a natural talker. He'll talk to any one, any age, at any time. His confidence in his social ability is amazing to see. My daughter, on the other hand, is much more reserved and slow to warm up. I had always wished there was something I could do to help her socially, and I think I just found something that could.

Meet Povi
Designed to help parents of children ages 3-8 raise happier, caring and confident children, Povi is an EQ (emotional quotient) content platform and app and a huggable storytelling buddy as the delivery tool. With content sourced from experts, Povi shares short stories based on children's everyday situations, and then engages young listeners and their parents in a discussion on emotions and feelings.

How Does Povi Work?
Povi shares short stories based on children's everyday situations then engages young listeners and their parents in a discussion on emotions and feelings. Loaded with real-life stories children can relate to, Povi helps parent and child establish a daily habit of thoughtful conversation that in turn helps children develop crucial social-emotional skills.

A story related to self-esteem, for example, would lead to the parent asking the Povi app question, "If you could be someone else for a day, who would you like to be?"   A focus on empathy might prompt, "How can you tell when someone is sad?" 

Povi’s stories address subjects such as caring, resilience, confidence, motivation, thankfulness and other valuable life skills. Povi is designed to be played with a parent on hand to discuss the challenges presented and come up with possible solutions with their child.

Fostering Happiness In Children
The concept for this conversation-starting innovation came from Povi founder Seow Lim’s own experience with her son. “I always felt that I paid  lots of attention to my child’s development and was very surprised when a school counselor said, ‘Your child is really smart, but he is not happy.’ It was so  painful  to me that I didn’t know this about my own son!  In the process of transforming my parenting style from Tiger Mom to getting more connected to my child’s emotions, I created Povi.”

Teaching the ABC’s alone is simply not enough for raising a happy and successful child. Research highlights the importance of focusing on emotional intelligence  starting at a very young age. This movement has gained momentum in recent years, in large part due to concerns over school violence, bullying and teen suicide.  

According to multiple studies, preschoolers who participate in social-emotional skills programs exhibit less aggression and anxiety and become better social problem solvers. Prosocial behavior in early childhood is closely tied to future academic performance and mental health. 
Thousands of schools now use programs with this goal in mind. Povi enables parents to implement social-emotional development at home.

Parents understand the importance of developing these skills. Unfortunately, between work, homework and children’s many after-school activities, busy parents have little time for the kind of meaningful conversations through which children learn them. 

Povi comes with 10 pre-downloaded stories and a free app (available for Android or iOS) featuring additional questions parents can ask related to the stories and 20 additional stories that are age appropriate for each individual child. Parents can choose from among three levels, for ages 3-4, 5-6 and 7-8. The stories are written and curated by experts including psychologists, teachers and parents.  
Support The Povi Kickstarter

The first 2,000 customers to sign up will receive Povi at the discounted price of $49, a 40% discount from the future off-the-shelf Povi price. 

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How Much Does Thieves Household Cleaner Really Cost?

If you're into minimizing harmful chemicals in your home or are a fan of green cleaning products, chances are that you'e heard of Young Living.

Young Living's Thieves Cleaner retails for a whopping $28.95 for a 14.4 oz bottle. A wholesale member like myself can get it for $22.00. But then, you still have to add on taxes and shipping, so it all adds up pretty quickly. You've likely hears it's super-concentrated, so you only need a little bit to make a bottle. But, again, how much does it really cost to make a bottle of cleaner? Well, I asked some questions, got some answers, and can officially bring you the true cost for a bottle of Thieves Cleaner.

Thieves Household Cleaner Cost Breakdown
I've decided to use the 14.4 oz bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner. I figure if you're looking to save, you're also not likely to for out the money for the 64 oz bottle. According to my contact at Young Living, there are 60-65 capfulls in each bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner. I'll use 60 capfulls for my calculations to be on the conservative side.

Thieves Household Cleaner Wholesale Price, Including Tax
No shipping = $24.34
$24.34/60=.40 per cap

Thieves Household Cleaner Wholesale Price, Including Tax
With shipping = $31.33
$31.33/60 = .52 per cap

Since standard household cleaners are sold in 32 oz containers, I want to see how many capfuls I need to make a 32 oz container. The easiest way was with this recipe:
All-purpose cleaner: Combine 1 cupful Thieves Household Cleaner and 2–3 cups water.

So, 2 capfuls of the concentrated Thieves Household Cleaner plus 4 cups of water will make one 32 oz bottle of All Purpose Thieves Cleaner.

So, how much does the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner Really Cost?

All purpose thieves cleaner
2 capfulls in 32 oz bottle  = $0.80 (with free shipping) OR $1.04 including shipping

I say that's an amazing deal! If you're interested in purchasing some of this amazing cleaner, send me an email at Feeling ambitious? Head over to my referral link -, sign up as a  Member (Starter kits are as little as $45) or sign up as a retail customer (Free, but you don't get the 24% discount that members receive.) (FYI: Make sure you're under my sponsor ID & Enroller ID: 3705465)

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Feria Power Violet V38: Before & After

I've been getting a bit bored with my hair recently. I tried to go lighter, but that didn't turn out very well, and it became apparent that the "blonde" shade I chose didn't to a very good job of covering my shiny parts. So... on to the next color!

This time, I'm going with something super-fun... purple! Feria Power Violet V38 to be exact. I took a few before and after pictures and made a video as well to give the most accurate impression of the color. Let me know what you think, and feel free to pin.

The color is really something else... really. Sometimes pink, sometimes purple, almost always a dark brown-black shade with tints of pink/purple glistening when it's at just the right angle.

Most of the time, I wouldn't call it purple, but more bright pink. Overall, I'm really loving the color and think it looks good with my skin tone...

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