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I Deleted Facebook (PLUS: A COVID Family Update)

I deleted Facebook today. Of course, the process involves not logging in for 30 days. So, in 30 days, my account should officially be deleted. Yet another chapter in my love-hate relationship with that platform. The main reason was that I really can't support a platform that has caused so much division across the United States. The mis-information is has allowed and encouraged to spread has been beyond toxic. Facebook has literally played an active role in the destruction of our Democracy. The election results today have made that perfectly clear. They no longer deserve to profit from my attention.  I also deleted Instagram. I majorly decreased my Instagram use over the past month or two. But, most importantly, it's part of Facebook, so it needed to go too. I may or may not keep this blog going, but it's here for now. Mostly as a place for me to write down my thoughts, like these, and assure anyone who may be interested that I haven't disappeared completely from the wo
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My Artwork: Illustration

I'm in a major decluttering phase right now. I'm reading some great books for inspiration, and they helped my decide that today, I will be getting rid of my artwork. Between some grade-school, high school, and 4 years of graphic design in college, I've accumulated quite the art collection. It's been sitting in various portfolio cases that I keep under my bed. Until today, I had completely forgotten I had even done any of it. I like to think that this artwork means a lot to me, but it doesn't. I've kept it under my bed. I've never bothered to look at it, let alone display any of it. But, there's a reason. I always thought about art as being about the end product. But, all of this art was created in school - when I was still learning. It's so clear to me now - art isn't about the end product, it's about the process of making it. It's what I've learned along the way... and  that  I'll keep with me forever.  But, I still feel